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        hotel washing equipment
        Automatic Washing-dewatering Machine
        Washing Machine Series
        Dewatering Machine Series
        Drying Machine Series
        Ironing Machine Series
        Industrial Folding Machine Series
        Health isolates Dehydrating Machine Series
        Oil Dry Cleaning Machine Series
        Steam press Machine Series
        Ironing Equipment Series
        Coeboy Clothing Affer Handing Equipment Series
        Delergent for laundry
        Clothing dyeing and printing, washed, sand wash equipment
        Washing machine series
        Dewatering Machine Series
        Drying Machine Series
        Dyeing Machine Series
        Synthesls Leather Friction Wrinkle
        Jean Snow Flake Machine
        Fabric And Jean Sandblasting machine
        Coeboy Clothing Affer Handing Equipment Series
        Series Japanese Automatic Sock Dyeing Machine
        The hospital laundry equipment
        Elution amphibious machine series
        Hyglene Barrier Washer Extractor Machine Series
        Washing machine series
        Dewatering machine series
        Dryer series
        Flat iron machine series
        Emulsion machine
        Filter cloth cleaning machine series

        For the customer provide free: building design, XianDi formula, personnel training, equipment sent to sent debugging and other professional services:
        We have this commitment:
        ,Pre-sale commitment:
        ,Answer user put on a washing equipment problems.
        ,Cooperate with customers and users of the design institute entrusted, consulting services.
        ,Provide laundry system design scheme (reference).
        ,Laundry washing equipment plane sets figure.
        ,Laundry washing equipment electrical diagrams.
        ,Laundry washing equipment sheung shui, steam figure.
        ,Laundry washing equipment foundation, drainage figure.

        After-sales promise:
        ,We will abide by the People's Republic of domestic product Service law legislation, will depend on the interests of the user the company ultimate goal.
        ,According to the People's Republic of China mechanical product quality expiration date of the legislation, the user's equipment in commissioning the date of qualified, enjoy 12 months free maintenance treatment.
        ,Warranty period internal equipment malfunction (non-artificial factors), all can enjoy free services.
        ,Provide free a the technology of equipment installation guide.
        ,Equipment installation by the company after send professional technology personnel for equipment free debugging.
        ,User party equipment management operation personnel to provide a free equipment operation skills training.
        ,Make the user can handling equipment maintenance plan regularly and the user and device use , understanding situation.
        ,Service guarantee all weather response, normal in 48 hours.
        ,Regularly in the company headquarters held Washing training

        Have the service elite:
        ,Answer to your at any time or direct the Washing and cleaning the use of chemicals.
        ,To help solve your product in operation, maintenance, and other aspects of the doubts and problems.
        ,Will you at any time the laundry room plan idea into the ideal blueprint.
        ,Comprehensive site service personnel in your side, waiting for your needs.
        ,For you at any time to provide consultation, matching scheme, engineering design, technical training, equipment maintenance and so on the omni-directional high-quality service.
        ,Please remember: your satisfaction, the pursuit of foreigners

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